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Thai Select Award

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  1. Thai Select or Thai Select Premium certification identifies Thai restaurants that offer at least 60 percent authentic Thai foods on their menus. They also imply that these restaurants employthe same or similar cooking methods as in Thailand, and may import ingredients from Thailand. The certifications,however, neither rates foods nor endorses any quality standard of the restaurant. They merely indicate authenticity of the Thai foods prepared.

  2. Thai restaurants bearing Thai Select and Thai Select Platinum logos each receive a certificate with the signature of the Director- General of the Department of Export Promotion (DEP), which would also indicate the date of issue.

  3. The certification is divided into two categories based on the levels of design and service excellence:

    • Thai Select Premium indicates a degree of excellence of 5-star or higher. This is given to restaurants with a score of 85 or above. With the premium status, the restaurants suggest traditional Thai decorations and outstanding services. Thai foods offered are authentic and are of premium quality. Overall, these restaurants produce a premier dining experience.

    • Thai Select indicates a degree of excellence of 3 to 4-stars. This is presented to restaurants with a score between 75 and 84. These restaurants serve fine authentic Thai foods. Overall, these restaurants offer diners a fine dining experience.

  4. Restaurants that possess the Thai Select or Thai Select Premium certification have menus with at least a 60-percent authentic Thai foods, and fit into one of the following categories:

    • Classical Thai Restaurants. This category is reserved for restaurant that boasts traditional Thai decorations as well as features cutleries and serving containers from Thailand. These restaurants may also employ Thai chefs.

    • Modern Thai Restaurants. This category does not require restaurants to use traditional Thai design in their decorations and is given to restaurants whose interior design constitute a modern style.

    • Fast Food Outlets, Quick Serve Restaurants, or Home Delivery Services are eligible to apply for the Thai Select certificate and logo only. There is no requirement on decoration or design for this category.

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Itt Koovanichkul

My name is Itt and I’m Thai! I grew up in Thailand, where I learned that quality Thai food was an essential ingredient to good living. As a child, I watched my parents prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch and spent my time researching the art of street food.

In the year 2000, I decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps and took a culinary journey to Canada. This journey led me to Niagara “the beautiful food and wine region” and graduated in the culinary program from Niagara College. In 2007, my wife and I opened Itt’s Thai restaurant. I believe in preparing fresh, nutritious meals using a combination of quality, fresh, local/imports, and whole foods  in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our menus are designed to meet any dietary restriction and food allergy to provide meals that will suit Niagarian lifestyle. My goal is to offer healthier choices of Thai cuisine and to make Niagara aware that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour or variety.


Coming Soon! The Chang Beer @ Itt’s Thai 2015

Chang beer is now enjoyed in all corners of the globe. Only the finest ingredients go into the production of Thailand’s Chang beer including the finest barley malt and pure deep-well water sourced in Thailand.


Chang, in Thai, translates as elephant. An animal renowned for its superior strength and mental capacity. Elephants played a major role in Thailand’s history, taking warriors into battle against invaders as well as being used in royal and religious ceremonies. In particular a white elephant was a venerable creature worthy of use by royalty and all those of noble birth.

The two white elephants on the Chang beer logo symbolise happiness, harmony and prosperity.


Chang beer is a combination of Thailand’s plentiful resources, creating an authentic Thai beer OF international quality and a clear uniqueness.

Great care and attention has been taken to create the right taste from a blend of ingredients to compliment an array of spicy Thai foods.

Quick to become one of the leading South-East Asian brands, Chang uses deep well-water to achieve the perfect mineral composition to brew lager. The deep well water used to brew Chang beer is so pure it is bottled and sold in Thailand as mineral water.



The Chang brand exceeded every ones expectations, by becoming the number one selling beer brand in Thailand within only 4 years, surpassing a market share of 50%. Today Chang has a strengthening presence not just in South East Asia but around the rest of the world.

Hot off the success of winning two gold medals in 2008 at the USA World Beer Championships and Monde Selection in 2009, Chang was awarded another gold medal from the 2010 World Beers and Drinks Selection. In addition to these recent wins, Chang has also been awarded Australian International Beer Award medals, proving its international appeal.


Malt for Chang beer is of world class standard and made from 100% barley.

Varieties of are Hop are selected to create the Chang beer character and provide a clean and delicious hop aroma. Water supplied from a natural source has the best quality in mineral composition for brewing beer. The Deep well-water is so pure that it is also bottled and sold as mineral water in Thailand.


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